Game of Thrones

Recently I have come across the tv show Game of Thrones. And I must say that I am impressed.

I seldomly find amusement in tv shows. For some reason, they do not address my feelings except on very rare occassions. Twin Peaks succeeded in doing that. Seinfeld, Simpsons and Friends are humorous shows which moves the heart. But otherwise tv shows are mostly plump and boring. And I blame the scripts, which in many cases are not wellwritten enough to be aired.

But when me and my girlfriend ran out of unseen episodes of How I Met Your Mother, I had to find some other TV show that we could watch together. And after disregarding some unpromising shows we started watching Game of Thrones. Now we cannot stop.

To my surprise, I find GoT well written. The scriptwriters have used the TV medium as best as they possibly could have. They know how to use conflict. They know how to present simultaneous events. They know how to raise the stakes. They know how to breed unpredictability. They know how to manage a great cast.

Though, Game of Thrones is not a show for the weak of heart. There are quite explicit sex scenes, heterosexual as well as homosexual. There are a lot of gore. When people die in battle, GoT is on the verge of being a splatter movie. And the story also covers many tabooed themes, which I will not spoil in this text, but some people might find them shocking or even appalling. And since the show do not hesitate to cross borders, we who watch, never know for sure what will happen next. This uncertainty is exciting to some and repelling to others.

Therefore, if you are not easily offended by narratives, I highly recommend Game of Thrones. You might be provoked to continue watching.