Etikettarkiv: Law and Order

Heil Justin, Leader of the People’s Republic of Canada!

Xi and I have been watching your progress with the antisemitic, antiarabic, antitransgender and misogynic right wing extremists that have been terrorizing your rightful claim as Emperor. And we must say that we are very pleased with how you have handled the situation. 

Here in Sweden we have had huge problems with disobediance among the population. We have had 10000 right wing extremists in the middle of Stockholm, spreading anti-regime propaganda and the police did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. No arrests, not a single account freezed and they didn’t even register the partaking terrorists.

Therefore, we kindly ask if you could give us some tips and tricks of the trade. Maybe a workshop: ”How to manipulate a democracy into compliant slavery” or ”Coup – blame the victims for your mistakes”?

As a reciprocal gesture we could provide insightful information about mass surveillance. You know, we can bug anyone, without even have to pretend that they have done anything illegal. We can scan everybodys phones for pictures and other goodies. And can you imagine, we are even allowed BY LAW to hack the mobs’ computers. 😂🤣😇

But when we tried to initiate this proto version to social scoring, everybody went ape shit and now we have to lay low for a few years before we can apply the plan to its fullest extent. 

Best of luck! We are looking forward to meet with you in Davos next time. #WEFFTW #MakeSchwabGreatAgainAndAgain

Yours, Magdis.